Darrell Giraldeau

Retiring to the Oceanside area has been a gift, as I have rediscovered my love of fibre art.

Darrell has worked with fabrics since she was a child, and a recent course in wet felting has reignited both her love and creativity for this art form.

My wet felted objects are inspired by the sea and the abundance of nature in the area. Each felted piece is unique and always a surprise as many of the pieces are worked from the inside out. I love the anticipation of turning a piece once it is complete.

How would you describe your work to a total stranger?

I take wool roving and create a strong and decorative object with no stitching.

Nature in general, the ocean and her garden, more specifically, are the major influences for Darrell.

What surprises her most about her art?

The way it keeps improving.  Because I work my pieces from the top layer up I love the surprise of the design each time
I turn the piece inside out.  I love the layering of colour I am able to get using wool.