Danielle Dickson

Danielle grew up in Yellowknife, NT and moved to BC in her mid twenties. She has always created art in some way. Carefully observing nature and reflecting upon it through words and images.  

Through our universal interconnectedness we reflect like mirrors. A reflection of light and shadow, truth and beauty, perfection and chaos, learned knowledge and ancient divinity.

My artistic purpose is to inspire reflection.

Within the process of creation, Danielle experiences stillness and flow, her true voice and inner fire. Each piece is a journey and new experience. I consider art to have the power to change lives, heal people, unite them, spread love and shed light on the world in a new way.

The inspiration for her artwork and poetry come from her visions, dreams, observations of people, nature and the oneness of all things.

I feel beyond blessed to share my artwork, writing and life experiences with those around me. To inspire and be inspired.