Dana Statham

I am most inspired when I wander the diverse shorelines and forests of Vancouver Island.

Dana Statham is a self-taught artist who is very proud and grateful to have grown up in the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island. I admire the unique flora, fauna, and landscapes that represent the west coast of British Columbia. I strive to capture all of this glory with colourful acrylic paint!

While in university, Dana often found herself falling in love with art that she was unable to afford so she decided to paint pieces for herself. With the endless support of friends and family, she continued with her artistic pursuits and to develop her style of playful, intentional brushstrokes.

My creative influences include established artists such as Ted Harrison and Lawren Harris but also local emerging artists who offer fresh perspectives on West Coast landscapes. One can learn from the masters but also fellow students.

I am grateful that my art has afforded me the opportunity to connect with people across the country and beyond. This is especially evident when I create commissioned paintings. Conversations with clients allow me to learn about stories, memories, and spiritual connections that people have to certain places. I feel both flattered and privileged to be entrusted with their personal vision.