Dan Davies

I am a Retired Psychologist, who with my wife fell in love with Vancouver Island.

After developing a chronic illness, and doing some beachcombing with a friend, Dan began to see the beauty in old pieces of driftwood, tiny sand dollars, and other seashore treasures. These all provided inspiration for him while learning to live with a chronic illness.

Burnished (polished) driftwood, done in the ‘old way’ only with other woods and stones. We don’t go far or fast when beachcombing, but we often then see more. Gathering, selecting, curing, arranging, framing and placing these little treasures in Galleries hopefully reminds folks of their wonderful memories on Vancouver Island. All the funds raised from this project go to the MARS Wildlife Rescue Hospital.

Dan is inspired by many of the other Artists in the area, and even more so by artists at the Salish Sea Market. His love for wildlife, and the inspiration provided by the amazing folks at the MARS (MountainAire Avian Rescue Society) Program. Thus the Art in support of MARS Project began.

Each and every piece teaches me something and then inspires me to try even further ideas too.