Corry Lunn

Just throw clay into the corner of the room, and that will keep me there!

Corry Lunn says she is obsessed with clay, dedicated to creativity, and inspired by the natural world around her. Creativity is how she sees life … everything she puts her hands to is a creative adventure.

Each of her clay pieces is hand-built, which means they are quite labour-intensive. For her Burnished Clay pieces, she spends hours rubbing the clay with stones to achieve a deep luster. It is then slow-fired in a kiln to solidify the shape, and then packed with sawdust into a metal drum. Fire is set to the top of the packed sawdust and allowed to burn down gradually, smoldering over a 24-48 hour period.

Corry is also a Raku artist. Raku, which originated in Japan, means 'enjoyment' or 'pleasure'. It describes a unique method of firing pottery where the glazed pieces are taken from the kiln with tongs and plunged into a container with sawdust, leaves or other combustible materials and covered until cooled. This results in pieces with unusual and interesting effects. Pieces are always different and some may have small marks from the tongs. These are not defects, but rather a characteristic of Raku.

As a kid my hands were always busy making things … that part of me hasn’t changed much over the years.