Compass Crafts

Patty and Steve have lived on Vancouver Island for over 20 years and they absolutely love it!

We raised our three sons in the Deep Bay area and operated a business there for 19 years. When the business sold, we thought we were ready to retire…not so. We settled on Lasqueti for the first 4 months doing maintenance on the family homestead. We briefly worked for other people but we knew there was another business out there for us. We were thrilled when we found it. It breathed new life and energy into us.

When their eldest son, Robert, a professional navigational officer, received a wood nautical chart of Lasqueti Island as a wedding present he was very emotional about the gift. He claimed it was his favourite gift and was hugely touched by it. When they saw the chart for the first time Patty and Steve had the same reaction.

We contacted the creator of the chart, Jerry Kool of Parksville, and ordered 5 charts! In conversation with Jerry we talked about his pending retirement from chart making. He offered to sell us the business as we were keenly interested in the whole process and were certainly emotionally attached to his products. He trained us in his meticulous work and standards. It was a very new process for us and we loved it.

Our wooden maps are based on the actual Canadian Hydrographic Nautical charts. We build each chart using layers of Baltic birch that are cut and engraved using a laser engraver. These boards are then sanded, stained and then glued & pressed together. Once they are set the charts are framed in our shop and ready for the customer.

The most rewarding part about creating nautical charts is the reaction people have when they see their completed chart for the first time. They often experience the same emotional joy we felt when we first saw the Lasqueti Island chart. It is a very lovely moment and we are both pleased and surprised each and every time this happens.