Clever Crow

There are no books on how to make sea salt.

Brian and Lia McCormick love food. They have been the owners of a popular vegetarian bistro in the Comox Valley and they both continue to explore ways to enhance our eating experience.

In 2012 they embarked on an interesting journey to create specialty sea salts from the waters of the Salish Sea.

We’re always trying different spots, from Comox to Campbell River we go scouting out the cleanest, clearest water.

Natural sea salt has been increasing in popularity in recent years because it is now recognized for its essential minerals and healthy benefits.

The process begins by collecting water from the ocean in large, food-safe containers. The water is then filtered and the process of boiling it down begins. When they have their salts; “Then the fun begins.”

With the sea salts, Brian and Lia create their own wonderful mixtures – Smoked, Citrus Blend, Rosemary, Spicy Chili, Sea Vegetable Blend, Seasoned Garlic Scape, Chive Blossom blend, and Ca Beautage Wine Salt. Of course they do sell just plain sea salt as well!

Brian and Lia have their favourites … Brian likes the Rosemary and Lia likes the Smoked.

They have also created Spiced Almonds using a variety of salt and spices for a sweet and spicy food experience.

We know that there will be many more delicious and creative combinations coming from Brian and Lia … because they just love food to taste good.