Cindy Mawle

I am always bettering myself, competing with no one but my last painting.

For over 25 years, Cindy Mawle has been studying, practising and learning to manipulate paint to express what she feels inside. I have built a strong foundation over this time which helps to support the level I am at at this point in my art career. When I am feeling bored in the studio I can tell it’s time to take either a workshop with an established professional artist, peruse the internet, search through art books or/and study masterful paintings, looking for that spark that will set me on my way again.  

Cindy describes herself as being on an artistic creative spiral staircase. Each step takes me to a higher level where I am able to build upon and reflect over where I have been. I am at a point now where I continually surprise myself.  

After working through a design plan Cindy is able to place paint on a brush and the canvas seemingly paints itself. I have worked long and hard to get to this point. Now I am able to go deeper into the work without worrying about the brush strokes. It is exciting and I am intrigued as to where it will lead.

A grateful art patron honoured me with this comment recently. He said that my paintings are the "only work he has ever seen that actually sums up the feelings he has when he is on the water".  

That is exactly what I am trying to express, that unspoken message and joy I feel every single day.