Carol Smith

It’s an eclectic mix of old and new materials that I hope people will take pleasure in wearing.

Jewelry making is a relatively new endeavour for Carol, and she says she’s still learning the techniques of creating desirable pieces. I do not define myself as an artist but rather an artisan using materials that already exist and arranging them into wearable designs.

Over thirty years ago she bought several kilograms of old beads and trade beads from an antique shop in Venice. After many years of randomly collecting and subsequently selling her retail business, there was now time to experiment and work with the beads.

Carol is fascinated by the history of beads – having been used for centuries throughout the world as talismans, status symbols, religious artifacts and currency as well as personal adornment.  

Her creative influences include observing people, particularly when travelling. She keeps a close eye on the jewelry people choose to wear. It’s interesting to see contemporary fashion designers such as Ralph Lauren incorporating rustic beads in ethnic designs in their collections.

I am always amazed, excited and pleased when people buy and love the beads as much as I do.