Carla Flegel

Painting has been a significant part of my world for most of my adult life.

Carla is a self-taught artist who is hooked on the ‘80s folk art craze. I have explored oils and acrylics but settled on watercolour as my medium.

There is such unpredictability as water, paint and paper merge. It can be unforgiving and at the same time magical.

Painting has introduced me to some of my best friends, encouraged me to go to interesting places to sketch, taught me to “see” and “appreciate” the world through a painter’s perspective. It has also given me hundreds of hours of pleasure and entertainment.

Carla’s paintings reflect a bright, alive and colourful world of birds, landscapes and buildings. She sees the humorous side of life and renders it with a sense of whimsy.

Her coastal perspective is born from growing up on the Atlantic coast and settling on the vibrant Pacific coast, on Vancouver Island.