Buck Cherest

When I was very young I found a knife in a field next door to where I lived. I liked that knife so much that I thought ... 'One day I am going to make one just like this'.

Over the years, as time allowed, Buck kept experimenting on shapes of the blades, different materials for handles, until he arrived at the knives he is making now.

I am a quiet person, who has lived and worked the majority of my life in BC and now have the opportunity of living the island lifestyle. I like spending time in what I call the bush, fishing, and in my younger days hunting.  Now I spend most of my time working on making knives, fishing, golfing and exploring the island. 

Buck makes a variety of knives, hunting, fishing and chef's knives. His knife blades are made with 440c stainless steel, which he cuts from a steel plate and then shapes into the knife. I use this type of steel because it holds an edge and has a nice mirror finish. He then kiln fires the shaped knife and makes the handle. The final processes is the sharpening the blade.

I really appreciate the beauty of the different materials I work with. The grain and colour of wood, the shape of a horn, the suppleness and colour of a piece of leather. How each blade cut from the same piece of steel can be different from the one before.  

When I take a piece of wood to design a handle, I am always pleased with how the grain and colour develop as I work on it. There is a thrill in taking something that I have never seen used in knife making, and finding it works out wonderfully.