Bruce Coney

Using recycled glassware means that my art can be more affordable.

Bruce has the talent for taking what most of us just toss into a bin for recycling, and putting a sophisticated spin on it. He takes recyclable bottles, cleans off their labels and markings, then washes and sterilizes them. That’s when the fun begins as he creates beautiful colour combinations and designs, by hand, with a special glass paint. No two bottles are exactly the same, which makes choosing one a bit difficult for some!

After the cleaning and painting, the bottles are fired so that the paint cures and bonds onto the glass for durability.

You can use the bottles for anything that pours … olive oil, salad dressing, dish detergent, liquid soap … anything liquid!

Moving from the mainland and the marketing and advertising industry to Salt Spring Island in 2001, Bruce was looking forward to slowing down and starting his craft studio. Little did he know that his hand-painted cruets would be so popular!

Growing up in South Africa, I was always fascinated with the art and colours used by the different people of the region. They inspire me still.