Brittney Bergen

Mana /mäna/ life force energy or magical power

De(j)ah /déjà/ remembrance

Brittney is a multidisciplinary artist from Vancouver, BC; a painter and a photographer for most of her life. A couple of years ago she came up against some creative blocks, and in hopes for some inspiration decided to try something new. She noticed an opening in a ceramic studio and from there Mana Dejah emerged.

Brittney strongly believes in the healing power of art. She finds ceramics to be a meditative medium, with lessons in impermanence, fragility, and surrender. While honoring the organic nature of clay, she allows intuition and childlike imagination to guide her in her creations. For her, ‘Mana Dejah’ means “remembering your magical power” or “coming home.” Throughout her work you’ll find themes of astrology, natures elements, the third and evil eye, and animal messengers (many of which are BC West Coast).

Brittney’s studio process consists mainly of slab work — where clay is rolled out and manipulated by hand. She likes to experiment with different types of clays and glazes, but mostly works with porcelain and clear glaze to allow her visuals to stand out. After each piece is thoughtfully designed, and all glazing and gold lustre is applied, the items are then fired up to three times to give them their unique finish. All of her jewelry is assembled with gold filled or sterling silver chain and her wall art is hung with elements of rope, wire, and driftwood.