Brenda Boreham

There are little stories everywhere. If you stand still and listen they will come to you. I have no formal art training and do not consider myself to be an artist. I just enjoy translating these stories in a variety of ways.

Brenda describes the work she is doing now as an evolutionary process. Her hands are always busy. Over the years my craft interests have included spinning and dyeing wool with natural materials such as lilac leaves and walnut husks.

She has also produced colourful cotton rugs on a 45 inch floor loom and exhibited these at various markets and fairs such as the Filberg Festival. In 2008, she happened on a paper making workshop at Naramata, BC, and it opened up the intriguing possibility of creating molded and impressed designs with cotton rag pulp. I began creating small collages that eventually turned into a steady stream of gift cards and bookmarks.

At the same time she returned to her old love for clay. Brenda now focuses on sculpted, molded, carved and impressed clay and paper images, on cards and framed wall pieces.

I feel passionate about interpreting the stories of the forest and beaches that I visit on my daily walks, but the truth is that I do not plan out my pieces in advance. It is not an intellectual exercise. I gather my materials around me and the work takes shape of its own accord. It comes from the heart. It is always a surprise.