Bear Essentials

I believe that a healthy connection to self and the earth we live upon, is the starting point for an abundance of good things.

Having worked with plant medicines for a number of years, Tina’s passion for the power of natural remedies shines through in each bottle. I have been able to re-establish a deep connection to myself that was lost from a young age. She is passionate about the incredible healing that can be found when working with natural remedies and sharing this with those who seek the same. 

Bear Essential Oils prides itself on sourcing the highest quality, 100% pure, organic and wildcrafted essential oils. Quality essential oils have the ability to unite with our bodies and harmonize our imbalances, bringing life-changing benefits.

I have chosen the imagery of the Bear as it has long been a symbolic teacher to me. I resonate with the story shared by the Mi’kmaq people. This story is how the Bear became the keeper of plant medicine knowledge. In this teaching the Bear is held with high regard as he enters into the dream realm for several months to commune with the spirit of the plants. When he returns a feast is prepared in his honour, a sharing of plant wisdom is given to the people.

To honour the indigenous teachings that were largely influential in bringing this dream forward, Bear Essentials worked with indigenous artist Morgan Asoyuf from the Tsimshian Territory of B.C. to create the symbol of the bear. 

We create all of this in our Apothecary in Black Creek, BC.