April Lacheur

I love the feeling of creating a flowing line with ink and a brush, the excitement and emotion bold colours evoke and the place I lose myself too each time my brush hits the canvas.

April is inspired by the nature that surrounds us and particularly trees. When walking in the forest she imagines all of the roots systems running beneath her feet. Hidden underground is a system of energy and communication. Trees talk to each other, nurture and help each other, she says. In a forest they work together as a community. We are not unlike trees, with our own roots, stories and deep connections.

April's art aims to celebrate the beauty of trees and nature and remind the viewer to celebrate their own unique roots and stories.

I use acrylic paint and ink with a brush on canvas and wood. it all begins with a loose plan, sometimes a pre-sketch that incorporates elements from different outdoor spots I have visited.

I don’t usually paint an exact location, but instead combine a variety of places that have inspired me.