Anne Marie Veale

Everything changed the day I was given a tiny white shiny tea set!

Anne Marie loved playing in 'the mud' at a very early age and has continued to mould and shape clay pots ever since. She considers herself very fortunate to have been able to turn her passion for clay into a career after a lot of hard work.

I pass this love of the craft on through teaching and hopefully through the use of my pottery. I want to inspire others as I was through that lovely little tea set and all my wonderful teachers.

Originally from London, England, Anne Marie attended Carlisle College of Art in the Lake District, or 'Beatrix Potter' country, as some might say. After receiving a Licentiateship of the Society of Designer Crafts, I apprenticed with many well-known potters in the U.K. before moving to Canada.

I am influenced by the beauty of Vancouver Island, by all the rich events in my life – my love of my family and the gratitude I feel working with my husband who shares my passion for crafts through his woodturning.