Anna May Bennett

I’ve had a deep love for the coast for as long as I can remember.

Anna May has created art since she was a little girl, always happiest with a pencil, paint or clay in her hands. I always had this idea that I could make a living making 'things' out of 'stuff'. 

Anna May’s current work is based on our beautiful coastal landscapes. She works in large scale with oil paint on canvas or wood panels. I try to paint the beauty I see, and I get a kick out of sharing this beauty with others.

My biggest creative influences have been the people and places in my life. From my mother, a textile artist, to my aircraft engineer/musician father. From my art teachers to my husband and friends and family, and the beauty, life and love I gain from them. I have been excited to learn about various Canadian artists and have been moved by the works of EJ Hughes and Drew Burnham.

Anna May finds being an artist a continual surprise.

I have learned that this career path is full of highs and lows, as is the creative process itself. What a challenge to work through a large painting from its conception to completion, and the many emotions that come during the process. The best part is the joy of sharing what I see and experience for the benefit of others.