Alan Douglas

I love the natural world and have found that the art form of photography is a great way to explore my creative side.

Alan has been photographing the natural world for many years, starting with a film camera and transitioning over to digital when it first came out. He has captured some of the most extraordinary images of animals going about their everyday lives.  

We live in a world that is so dynamic, sometimes we forget about the beauty that surrounds us. To capture one of those wonderful moments in time, in this ever changing world, is what makes photography so very special to me. Whether that be a mother bear caring for her cub, a bird in flight or an amazing shape or lighting that nature has formed, this is what sparks the artist in me.

Alan’s biggest creative influence is nature itself – the shapes created by the elements, the splendour of the forests, the ways of animals. I have come to realize that the journey and the experience of being in the natural environment is both creative and spiritual. I am continually surprised by the connection I can make with the animals, for example, when a bear allows me the privilege of sharing its personal space.

His dedication and patience in capturing the beauty, rawness and authenticity of nature, is what shines through each image. He lets you feel like you are right there.

In 2009, Alan and his wife Colleen moved to Canada from Nottingham, England and he is now very proud to be a Canadian Citizen living on Vancouver Island.

I hope you enjoy my images as much as I enjoyed creating them.